Take special care of the elderly, follow these tips

Just like a small child has to be taken care of in the winter season, in the same way the elderly also need special care. This is because the immunity system becomes weak in winter due to which the risk of seasonal diseases and other infections increases. At the same time, the pain in bones and joints in cold also increases in the elderly. In such a situation, special care of the elderly is necessary in this season.

According to AIIMS doctor Ayush Pandey, chill is not a disease but, it can become a reason for any other disease. He told that in cold weather cold air or cold water can make anyone sick. Immunity decreases due to old age and hands and legs work slowly. Because of this, less heat is generated in the body. Dr. Pandey said that the elderly have the most respiratory problems in winter.

Know how you can take care of the elderly at home

Elders feel more cold than children or other people, so it is important that they keep feeling warm. For this, use electric appliances in the room. Close windows and doors on cold nights and encourage them to wear enough clothing

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If the elders present in the house have difficulty in breathing or have problems related to asthma, then massage their back with hot oil. If the elderly are constantly feeling shivering, then give them such things in food which are hot for the body. According to Dr. Ayush Pandey, continuous runny nose, frequent sneezing, nasal congestion, mild fever, chest discomfort, etc. should not be ignored.

Physical activity decreases with increasing age. Even the elderly have many problems due to this. In such a situation, encourage them to do light yoga asanas or walk for some time. If the elderly do light exercise regularly, then it reduces the problem of lethargy and stiffness.

– The work of the heart increases in winter. Actually, due to cold, the blood becomes thick and the blood cells shrink. Due to this the heart has to pump more. This is the reason why there is more possibility of art attack in winter. It is necessary to take special care of the elders who have heart related diseases in this season. You kept giving them medicines regularly and take special care of their food and drink. Try not to keep the elderly sitting, ask them to do light exercise or walk.

shower with lukewarm water

Often you must have seen that people like to bathe with hot water in winter. But, doctors believe that the elderly should take a bath with lukewarm water in winter. This is because bathing with hot water suddenly changes the body temperature of the elderly and due to this they can fall ill. Also, the skin can also become dry. That’s why bathe the elders present in the house with lukewarm water.

Keep the elderly away from room heaters or blowers. No matter how severe the cold is, do not use these electric appliances overnight. Whenever this equipment is on, take special care of ventilation.

watering regularly

Due to the cold, the elders present in the house drink less water. Due to this they start complaining of dehydration. That’s why try to give them water repeatedly during the day. If possible, drink lukewarm water

pay attentionDo not give cold effect things to the elderly. Feed them hot things like ginger, turmeric, basil, black pepper and saffron in this season and take special care of food.

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