TB patient will no longer have to take medicine for years, scientist got big success

Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis: There is a special news for the patients of MDR-TB, knowing that every patient will definitely be happy. As you know, TB first engulfs the lungs and then leads to serious infection in the lungs. In a recent research, it has come to the fore that the drug Bedaquiline is effective in curing this infection. And it also takes less time to cure the patient.

How did Global Research succeed?

What does the research say?

Bedaquiline and short term injection of two months is more effective than oral medicine. Researcher Dr Ruth Goodall of University College London said – Rifampicin drug is very helpful in preventing TB disease.

Why is the treatment of MDR-TB challenging? 

TB is caused by bacteria. The drug of isoniazid and rifampicin is given as soon as the disease is detected. According to the WHO, if isoniazid and rifampicin do not work well in the initial treatment of TB, then second-line medicine is given, whose course is from 9 months to 20 months.

These medicines are expensive and harmful to the body. If we look at the figures of 2019, 60 percent patients have been cured of TB disease  It has also been said that most of the TV patients prefer to take TB medicine more than injection and that is why they eat TB medicine for a long time, which also has very harmful consequences.

What do doctors have to say about this new TB drug in India?

According to WHO, India accounts for 28 percent of the 16 million new TB cases. Indians depend on these two drugs isoniazid and rifampicin to fight TB in the country. Dr Vikas Oswal, a Mumbai-based pulmonologist, says, “These two TB drugs affect different patients differently. This shows whether the TB medicine has to be given to the patient for a short time or will last for a long time. How the body fights disease also has a big role to play. Many times it also happens that if a patient needs long term treatment and medicine, then we cannot run him a short term course.

According to Dr Sanjay Gaikwad, Chairman, Zonal Task Force of National TB Elimination Program (West Zone), “The new drug that has come will definitely cost less money for short-term treatment of TB. But at the same time, we also have to take full care of whether the patient is recovering completely from the short term or not. Dr. Gaikwad says, ‘TV patients will not have to take long-term medicines and injections after the arrival of this new medicine, it will be beneficial. He further says that since corona, we need to be a little aware about any disease.

Governments should make rules and regulations for TB disease

Guy Marks, president of The Union and chairman of WCOLH, says, ‘TB disease has become a problem for the whole world in today’s time. There is a need to make good high quality medicine for this disease, some rules and regulations.

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