Tea tree oil is a panacea for itchy scalp, learn how to use it

Itchy Scalp Remedies: Tea tree oil can prove to be very healthy for beautiful and long hair. With the help of this oil, itching in your scalp is reduced. Along with this, it can also remove the problems of damaged hair. Tea tree oil is known to have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which can be effective in calming the itching in your hair. If you are having a lot of itching problem in your hair, then definitely apply tea tree oil in your hair regularly. Today in this article we will tell how to use tea tree oil to remove the problem of itching.

Massage your scalp with tea tree oil

To remove the problem of itching in the scalp, massage it with tea tree oil. This gives you a lot of relief. The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties present in it can reduce itching in the scalp. Actually, this oil does not allow bacteria to grow in the scalp, which will reduce the problem of itching in your scalp.

Apply hair mask with tea tree oil in hair

To soothe the itching in the scalp, apply tea tree oil hair mask. For this, take 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil. Mix one spoon of honey in it. Now apply it on your scalp. Wash the hair thoroughly after about 30 minutes. This will remove itching in the scalp.

Tea Tree Oil and Avocado

Using tea tree oil and avocado can soothe itching in the scalp. For this, take 1 spoon of avocado pulp. Mix 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil in it. After that apply it on the scalp. Wash your hair after about 30 minutes. This can reduce the itching in your scalp.

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