The color of the tongue tells that disease is growing in the body, if you pay a little attention, you will be saved from untoward

Health Tips: Tongue is an important part of our body. We can detect the taste of food only because of the tongue. Apart from all this, you will be surprised to know that our health is also revealed by the color of the tongue. If the color of your tongue is changing then without wasting any time you should immediately consult a doctor. In fact, recently a research has come out in which it is clearly written that the color of the tongue changes in the initial symptoms of many serious diseases.

white tongue
If the color of your tongue has turned white, then it is a sign of a major disease. According to experts, when your tongue is turning white, then there is a severe lack of water in your body. White tongue indicates early symptoms of diseases like leukoplakia, oral lichen planus and syphilis.

red tongue
According to doctors, if the color of your tongue has become red, then it is often in such a situation when flu, fever or infection has knocked in the body. Red tongue indicates a deficiency of vitamin B and iron.

black tongue
Darkening of the tongue is a sign of a serious and major disease. According to experts, darkening of the tongue indicates a disease like cancer, fungus and ulcers. Due to bacteria or fungus in the throat, the color of the tongue often turns black.

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yellow tongue
According to doctors, yellow tongue can also be due to overeating. On the other hand, if we talk about disease, then due to dehydration, liver or more bacteria in the mouth, the color of the tongue starts turning yellow. Due to this, bad breath, tiredness and fever can occur in the mouth.

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