The color of vaginal discharge can reveal the secret of many diseases flourishing in the body, find out like this

All women have vaginal discharge at some point or the other. Sometimes it is a common problem, but sometimes it can give signals of many diseases arising in the body. The color of common vaginal discharge in women is white or off-white, but if you ever feel a change in the color of your discharge, be alert immediately. Because it can also be a dangerous situation, ignoring which can pose a great risk to life.

Vaginal discharge protects your private part (vagina) from any kind of infection and irritation. The color of vaginal discharge can tell a lot about your health. This discharge is a liquid of white color. It is released from glands located in the vagina and cervix of women. Vaginal discharge removes dead cells and bacteria from the body. Because of this, the private part of women remains safe from many types of infections.

What does the color of vaginal discharge indicate?

White vaginal discharge: If a thick white colored liquid is released from the private part, then it is considered normal. However, if the discharge is releasing with excessive itching and burning, then you should go to the doctor. Because you may have yeast infection.

Yellow vaginal discharge: If you have a yellowish vaginal discharge, do not be negligent at all. Because this can happen due to bacterial or sexually transmitted infection.

Green vaginal discharge: This can be due to bacterial infection or sexually transmitted infection. Even in such a situation, it would be a good option to contact the doctor immediately.

Brown vaginal discharge: Brown colored vaginal discharge is sometimes due to irregular periods. If this happens to you, do not delay in contacting a doctor. Because it can be a symptom of cancer of the uterus and cervical.

Yeast Infection Discharge: If the discharge is very thick and white in colour, that too with severe burning and itching, then there is a possibility that it could be a yeast infection.

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