The downfall of man starts from this time, Shri Krishna has told these things in Gita

Knowledge of Geeta: Shrimad Bhagwat is the only scripture which tells the right way of life to man. Gita teaches the lessons of religion, karma and love in life. The knowledge of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita has been considered useful for both human life and life after life. Gita is a complete philosophy of life and the person who follows it is the best.

Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta describes the teachings of Lord Krishna which he gave to Arjuna during the Mahabharata war. By adopting the words of Gita in life, a person gets a lot of progress. In the Gita, Shri Krishna has told that when does the downfall of a human being begin.

Precious teachings of Shri Krishna

    • Shri Krishna says in Gita that the downfall of any human being starts when he starts taking advice from strangers to bring down his own people.
    • It is written in the Gita, deceit done with a simple person opens all the doors of your ruin, no matter how big a chess player you are.
    • Who is saved from the grip of Karma, who has done what he has done.
    • According to Shri Krishna, one should never be disappointed on not getting someone’s support because whether someone gives or does not give, God supports in every difficult time.
    • When atrocities are tolerated with a smile, then God himself takes the revenge of that person.
    • Shri Krishna says in Gita that man should never be arrogant. Ego makes a man do all that which is not right for him. In the end, this ego becomes the cause of his destruction. That’s why leave your ego as soon as possible in life.

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