The missed flight of the month due to Uber cabs! Court’s order – fine will have to be given, know the whole matter

Penalty on Uber India: Nowadays online cab service provider companies like Ola, Uber have become a very important part of our life. Whether to go somewhere or travel, we all get the cab booked through the app, but when this cab gets late then we have to face a lot of trouble. A similar incident happened with a woman living in Mumbai. Uber India failed to provide cabs to its customers on time. Due to this the flight of the month was missed. After this, the consumer court has ordered the company to compensate the loss caused to the woman.

Uber will have to pay such a fine
In its order, the Consumer Court of Mumbai has fined Uber India Rs 10,000 for mental distress caused to the woman due to non-arrival of the airport on time and Rs 10,000 for harassment caused by litigation. ordered to deliver. In such a situation, now Uber India will have to pay a total of Rs 20,000 to the woman as a penalty.

case is four years old
Let us tell you that this matter is four years old. Kavita Sharma, a lawyer living in Dombivli, was about to fly from Mumbai to Chennai at 5.50 pm on June 12, 2018. In such a situation, he booked an Uber ride to go to the airport. This journey was of total 36 kms. After booking, the cab arrived after about 14 minutes, which was much more than the estimated time. Kavita was repeatedly calling the driver but his call was getting busy. In such a situation, she could not reach the airport on time and due to 10 to 15 minutes she missed her flight.

higher rent than expected
Along with this, the driver also took more fare than expected from Kavita. While booking the cab, his estimated fare was Rs 563, while after reaching the airport this fare increased to Rs 703. After this Kavita paid the fare but, her flight got discounted. After this, on Kavita’s complaint, the company returned her Rs 139 but did not respond to her legal notice.

Court gave decision in favor of customer
After this, Kavita went to the Consumer Court of Mumbai and filed a complaint about this whole incident. Now after four years, the order of the court has come on this matter. In this entire case, the court reprimanded Uber India and ordered its customer to pay a penalty of Rs 20,000. Along with this, the court said that it is the responsibility of Uber to reach the customers at the right time and get them corrected.

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