The Netherlands batsman fell victim to a concussion on Haris Rauf’s dangerous bouncer, know what is this rule

Concussion Substitute Rule: Pakistan has got its first win in T20 World Cup 2022. Pakistan won against Netherlands by 6 wickets and during this match a batsman from Netherlands also suffered a concussion. Bass de Leede was hit by a Haris Rauf’s bouncer ball straight into the helmet and after that he had a cut under his eye, which was bleeding. Leede could not return to bat after being injured and was declared a victim of a concussion. In his place, the Netherlands got Logan Van Beek to bat.

What is Concussion Substitute?

Van Beek came to bat as a concussion substitute. This rule was introduced in Test cricket after the 2019 World Cup. According to this rule, if a player hits the ball in the head while batting, then his concussion test will be done. If the position of the batsman is not right, then he can be dropped and another player can be brought in his place. Batsman can be brought in place of batsman and bowler can be brought in place of bowler.

How is Concussion Test done?

During the concussion test, the team physio asks the player some such questions so that his mental state can be estimated. Usually the player is asked the date, where he is and his name etc. If the player does not hesitate to answer a question, then he is considered to be batting. The physio also checks the helmet of the batsman and if there is any problem in it then it is replaced.

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