The new feature of WhatsApp is amazing, the text will be copied from the photo itself, have you tried it?

WhatsApp Feature for IOS: Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp keeps on updating more than one feature for its users. Which are used by users for personal to professional work. Now WhatsApp has introduced another feature on its platform, which will give a new experience to the users. Through this feature, users will be able to copy text from any photo. Next, we are going to give detailed information related to this feature.

iOS users got a new feature

WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging platform in any messaging app in the world. In India alone, the number of active users of this app is more than 400 million. The ownership of this app is with Meta. The company keeps on adding new features to give better experience to its users. Now the company has released a new version of WhatsApp by releasing a new feature for iOS users. Through this, iOS users can now copy the text written on a photo. Although this feature was available on iOS earlier also, but now WhatsApp has added it on its platform as well. With which now users will be able to copy text directly from the app itself.

need to update the app

This new feature of WhatsApp is not a part of the beta version. The company has released it for stable users. WABetaInfo has shared details about this, if you are an iOS user and haven’t got this feature yet. So you update WhatsApp by going to the App Store, after which you will be able to use this new feature.

Audio feature is also great

Audio status feature can also come soon on WhatsApp, through which anyone will be able to share voice notes on WhatsApp status. This feature has been added to the platform by the company some time back. Private audience can also be selected for this feature. Due to which this status will be visible only to those people with whom the user would like to share. Through this new feature, the user will be able to set audio status of up to 30 seconds. Apart from this, the reaction feature has also been added to this status. With the help of which a user will also be able to react to the status.

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