The next week will be a holiday in the stock market! Muhurta trading will happen on the day of Diwali

Stock Market Holidays: Every day millions of investors invest their money in the stock market. He keeps a special eye on the fall and rise of the share price. There is a very important news for those who do daily trading in the share market. Trending is going to be closed for many days in the stock market next week. The festival of Diwali (Diwali 2022) will be made on 24 October 2022. Due to this, trading will be closed on October 24.

One hour Special Trading Session on Diwali 2022 will be allowed for Equity, Currency Derivatives, Commodity, Equity Derivatives etc. for only one hour in the evening on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. It is worth noting that the stock market remains closed on all major festivals of the country. Banks also have a holiday on this day. Let us know on which days the market will be closed in the next week-

These days the market will be closed
According to the official website of BSE and NSE, the stock market will be closed for a total of two days in the business week between October 24 and 28, 2022. On October 24, the festival of Diwali and Lakshmi Puja will be celebrated across the country. For this reason the stock market will be closed on this day. But in the evening, the stock market will open for Muhurat trading only for one hour. Apart from this, the market will remain closed on October 26 due to Diwali Balipratipada. Apart from this, normal trading will continue in the market from Tuesday and then Thursday.

Tomorrow’s trading hours-

  • The block deal session will start from 5.45 pm and will continue till 6.00 pm.
  • The pre open trading session will run from 6.00 to 6.08 pm.
  • The normal market will run for one hour on the evening of Diwali from 6.15 to 7.15.
  • The call auction session will run from 6.20 pm to 7.05 pm.
  • At the same time, the closing session will be from 7.15 to 7.25 in the evening.

Know what is the importance of Muhurta trading?
In Hinduism, Lakshmi Puja is performed on the day of Diwali. In such a situation, starting any kind of investment on this day is considered very beneficial. This year, the Hindu calendar year Samvat 2079 will begin from the day of Diwali. In such a situation, every year on the special occasion of Diwali, a special share trading session is held in the stock market, which is known as Muhurat Trading Details. On this day investors start their new year by investing heavily.

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