The people of these countries do not have to bear the burden of tax! Know how the government of the country runs

Tax Free Countries in the World: Every salaried person in India whose salary comes in the tax slab has to pay a part of his salary as tax. Every government of the country collects tax from its citizens. This tax is taken in different forms like Income Tax, Property Tax, Electricity Tax, Water Tax etc.

Even though you do not pay direct tax, you do pay indirect tax. With the money of these taxes, the government gives various development works, subsidies, and salaries to government employees of the country. It is impossible for the government or the country to run without taxes. The tax system is applicable not only in India but also in different parts of the world, there are some countries in the world where the government does not collect tax from the citizens.

Now the biggest question arises that when the governments of these countries do not take tax from their citizens, then how do they remove their expenditure. Let us know that the citizens of which countries do not have to pay even 1 paisa in the form of Cax. Along with this, what is the source of income of the government of these countries-

Government does not pay tax in these countries

There are many countries in the world where governments do not charge even a single rupee from their citizens as tax. This country is Qatar (Qatar), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait (Kuwait), Bermuda (Oman). In many countries, citizens do not have to pay taxes. All these countries are included in the list of the richest countries in the world.

How does the government earn?

Now the biggest question also arises that if this country does not collect money from its citizens in the form of tax, then how do they earn. These countries depend on import duty instead of earning their income from tax. If goods from any other country come to these countries, then these countries charge a lot of money on these products. Apart from this, they also earn bumper every year by selling tourism and crude oil. People traveling to these countries have to pay tax for both departure and arrival.

Work on self working model

These countries work on the self-working model, that is, they take out the expenses of their department themselves. For example, if railways run in these countries, then they run their expenses like operation charges, salary of employees from their earning. For this, the government does not provide any extra help from above.

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