The problem of cough-allergy has increased due to the changing season

Post Covid Symptoms: The first and second wave of Corona created a ruckus not only in the country, but in the whole world. Millions of people had come under its grip. At the same time, lakhs of people lost their lives. But there were many lucky ones who managed to save their lives despite being hit by it. However, at that time the difficulties of the people who won by fighting this epidemic have not diminished yet. People who have won the battle of death due to corona infection are constantly plagued by problems like cold-cough and allergies. Apart from this, many people are suffering from physical and mental weakness. Not only this, due to non-functioning of taste glands, the taste of their mouth is also missing. According to the doctors, all these signs are of post Kovid. The number of such patients is increasing continuously, who are coming for treatment again and again. Doctors say that due to the fluctuations in the weather, the number of such patients has increased.

what do the figures say

Actually, people are falling ill faster due to change in weather and humidity. According to reports, more than 250 people suffering from these diseases are reaching OPD in government and private hospitals. Although the cases of corona are very less, but the problem of post covid has increased, due to which the number of patients has increased. Talking about Chhattisgarh, so far more than 11.77 lakh patients of Kovid have been found here. 15-17 percent of these people are troubled by persistent cough and allergies.

This problem is also common

According to the information, the taste of the mouth of such patients keeps coming and going. According to doctors, this is a problem after recovery from corona. Doctors are constantly trying for its treatment. The most important and important thing is that to eradicate other diseases of Kovid patients, Post Kovid OPD was started in Ambedkar Hospital, the biggest hospital of Chhattisgarh. Let us tell you that this is the first OPD of its kind in the state.

This problem is happening after recovering

Even after recovering from Kovid, some patients are seeing infection in the lungs and nose. The same, some Kovid patients have also become victims of black fungus. Senior Medical Consultant Dr. Yogendra Malhotra and Senior ENT Surgeon Dr. Anuj Jaulkar say that this problem is not rare but common. Patients are constantly allergic due to infection in the nose. In such a situation, the infected should be shown to the doctor immediately.

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