The problem of gas and bloating happens as soon as we eat fruits, then there is a mess

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away You must have heard this line since childhood in the people around you or at home. On the other hand, in this modern and run-of-the-mill lifestyle, this line seems to be proving wrong. You wonder what happened? Actually, fruits or fruits have been given a different status in our Indian society. If you recite worship or you fall ill, everything is incomplete without fruits. Most of the nutrition is found in fruits. It is rich in many vitamins, iron, micro-nutrition and anti-oxidants, due to which it is beneficial for our health.  But sometimes this fruit can prove to be harmful to your health. Recently, Ayurveda specialist Dr Dimple Jangda has shared a video on her Instagram account. In which he has shared special information about the fruit. Dimple told that it is not possible that all fruits are good for your body. There are some fruits that after eating, the problem of bloating and gas starts. 

Dimple says, ‘There are some fruits which the body is not able to digest properly. He has included 5 fruits in this list, after eating which the problem of gas and bloating starts. Today, through this article, we will mention these 5 fruits, which start problems like gas and bloating. 


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why is molasses in the stomach after eating fruits

For your information, let us tell you that fruits are made of sorbitol. Due to which the taste of the fruit would have been sweet, in other words it can be called sugar. It is inevitable that it is present in all fruits. However, the body of some people is unable to digest this sugar properly. Due to which problems like bloating and gas occur. Dimple says that this fruit is not suitable especially for children. Can also upset stomach.  

Fructose is high in fructose

Who would not like to eat watermelon in summer. It has a high amount of fructose. Due to which there may be some difficulty in digesting it and it can also cause gas. At the same time, some doctors believe that gas formation by eating fruits can also be your genetic reason. In this whole matter, doctors say that if you get gas after eating watermelon, then you can eat it by adding a pinch of black pepper or fruits masala. 

Nutrition Shilpa Joshi< /p>

‘Fitterfly’ key head &  Metabolic Nutrition Shilpa Joshi told in a special conversation with ‘Indian Express’ that the amount of fructose in food is found to be very high. Especially processed food, cold drinks, sweets, honey all contain high levels of fructose. Apples, pears, mangoes, cherries, watermelon in fruits The amount of sugar or rather sorbitol in these fruits is so high that by eating it in excess, you can have problems of gas and bloating. 

Strong>Dried Apricots

Dried apricots are also high in fructose. By the way, if you eat too much apricots can cause pain in your stomach.

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