The reason behind the increasing incidence of diabetes in children

Diabetes: Diabetes is one of the biggest problems of today’s era. Many people in India are facing this problem. Be it children or adults, all are becoming victims of diabetes. Statistics show that in the last few years, this disease has increasingly started making children its victims. There can be many reasons behind this, but the reason which has come to the fore is bad lifestyle. The eating habits of children are causing diabetes in children.

A recent report has revealed that 1,28,500 youth with diabetes in India had diabetes, out of which 97,700 were children, while WHO in December 2021 said that more than 95% of Indians are at risk of diabetes. In this news, let us tell you what is the reason behind the increasing diabetes in children.

these are the symptoms

    • frequent urination
    • bladder infection
    • infection and delayed wound healing
    • blurred vision with fatigue
    • increased thirst
    • High level of glucose in the blood
    • tingling in hands and feet
    • nausea and vomiting

how to save your child from diabetes

1. Teaching children the importance of healthy eating, avoiding junk food, indulging in healthy snacking, keeping away from mobile while eating, drinking more water, consuming more fruits and green vegetables, eating slowly, full stomach Shopping for food with, having dinner with the family.

2. Involve your child in some physical activity for at least 60 minutes every day, so that his body remains active and the child is protected from diabetes.

3. Pay attention to the mental health of children so that they can concentrate on studies and connect with people.

4. Parents should get their children’s diabetes checked from time to time.

Give good diet to 5. children. Keep checking his blood sugar level from time to time. In case of any problem, see a doctor immediately.

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