The story of kidnapping of Archana Gautam will shake your soul, the beggar helped

Archana Gautam was kidnapped 5 years ago : Congress candidate Archana Gautam, popularly known as Bikini Girl, is seen making a splash in Bigg Boss these days. Of course, Archana Gautam had to face a bad defeat in the election of Hastinapur, but in Bigg Boss, Archana Gautam is seen winning everyone’s heart. You must be hearing stories related to Archana Gautam everyday, but have you heard that 5 year old story… when Archana Gautam was kidnapped.

Yes, you read it right, Archana Gautam herself had told the story of her kidnapping in one of her interviews, and also told that the person who got her out of this bad time was none other than a beggar.

In an interview given to Mid Day, Archana Gautam had told that during that time she was trying to pursue her career in acting and modeling. When she was looking for a job, she got a modeling assignment offer from an online friend, in which she was told that she would model for a saree ad. Archana Gautam had never met this online friend of hers, but due to a belief, she went to meet that client.

Archana told that she was told that she would get ₹ 50000 in advance. But as soon as Archana Gautam was putting her car in the parking lot, she got a call from a woman and she said to park your car quickly in the parking lot and sit in the client’s car. As soon as Archana sat in the client’s car, her ATM card, keys and mobile phone were snatched from her. When Archana started shouting, those people started saying that we are from CBI and if she shouted more, we would charge her with prostitution.

To demand ransom, those kidnappers called the family members of Archana Gautam, and started demanding ₹ 100000 from them. Archana came to know from the actions of those kidnappers that they are fake CBI. When Archana’s brother arrived with the money, Archana took advantage of the opportunity and called her brother to call the police. Seeing Archana screaming, the kidnapper pushed her from the car and ran away. But you know Archana Gautam very well, messing with her means creating trouble for yourself.

Archana Gautam did not let those kidnappers go easily. She followed them in the auto and as soon as the traffic stopped, she pulled one of the kidnappers out of his car. During that time Archana kept asking people for help but no one came forward to help her. But during this time a beggar helped them and took the kidnappers to the police.

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