There are many side effects of moong dal as well.

Health Tips:  Due to lifestyle, many types of diseases knock in the body. Like blood sugar, thyroid, uric acid, hypertension etc. In such a situation, the most important thing is that you take special care of your diet and health. Sometimes a small and common looking disease can cause serious problems. Lentils are very beneficial for health. You must have often heard from doctors to elders that lentils have a lot of protein, you must eat them.

Especially moong dal should not be eaten but you will be surprised to know that moong dal is beneficial for health but some people i.e. people who have this disease and if they include moong dal in their diet, then coming In time, it can create serious problems for you. Not only this she can take you to the hospital.

Patients of uric acid
People who have uric acid problem should not eat moong dal at all. Because there is a lot of protein in it, due to which it can increase the purine of your body.

Kidney Stone
People who have kidney stone problems.  So they should not touch moong dal. Because oxalate and protein found in moong can trigger your stone. That’s why it will be better for your health if you don’t eat at all.

Blood Sugar
If you are struggling with low blood pressure, then you should not eat moong dal even by mistake because it can increase your blood pressure.

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