There is a difference between dengue and viral fever, know 5 differences between the two

Dengue Fever Vs Viral Fever: The number of dengue patients is increasing rapidly in the country, due to which the tension of the people has increased. The symptoms of dengue and viral fever are similar, due to which people do not understand the difference between them. In such a situation, the patient’s condition worsens. If the symptoms of dengue patients are not recognized at the right time, then they will not be able to get treatment on time and it can be fatal. Now the question is that when the symptoms of both these fevers are the same, then how to identify dengue and viral fever. Let’s know..

Reasons for Dengue and Viral Fever

Viral fever is caused by virus infection. Due to this you get cold, cold and fever. Due to the change in weather, people with weak immunity fall prey to it. However, viral fever also gets cured on its own in 5 to 7 days. Dengue fever is caused by the bite of an infected mosquito. Its symptoms also start showing within a few days. If dengue is not treated properly, it can be fatal. Its effect on the liver starts to be seen.

Difference Between Dengue and Viral Fever

1. Dengue has a very high fever. It is called break bone fever. Whereas viral fever does not cause high fever.

2. In dengue, there is a red rash on the skin of the patients, whereas this does not happen in viral fever.

3. Platelet count falls rapidly in dengue, whereas in viral fever there is no effect on platelet count.

4. The problem of low blood pressure has also been seen in many people due to dengue, whereas this does not happen in viral fever.

5. Dengue causes vomiting and abdominal pain and also affects the liver, whereas there is no such problem in viral fever.

What is the treatment for both?

If there is any kind of fever, the patient should get a blood test done, and should be shown to the doctor immediately. Paracetamol medicines are given in both the conditions. If treated for dengue at the right time, it can be easily recovered in a week. Whereas it takes 5 to 7 days to recover from viral fever.

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