There is a sore throat for a long time, are these diseases flourishing?

Throat Infection: Winter has knocked. People are complaining of cough and sore throat due to the grip of cold. Doctors say that there can be a sore throat due to common cold or viral fever. It can also be a kind of bacterial infection. But do you know that a sore throat can be a symptom of other serious diseases, not just cold or viral fever. These symptoms need to be recognized in time. Let’s talk about these today.

Common Cold
Common cold is a seasonal fever. This is a viral infection of the nose and respiratory tract. Many types of viruses cause the common cold. In this, symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, light-headedness, congestion or sneezing may appear. Normally this fever goes away in 5 to 7 days.

Throat Cancer
A tumor that develops in the voice box, pharynx, ie, tonsils, is called throat cancer. Throat cancer usually begins in flat cells. The voice box is found just below the throat and is very sensitive to cancer. Tonsil cancer is also throat cancer. Symptoms may include sore throat, cough, difficulty in swallowing, change in voice.

having dysphagia
The problem of swallowing is called dysphagia. In this, there is difficulty while swallowing food or liquid while swallowing anything. In some cases, swallowing can also cause pain. Sometimes difficulty in swallowing occurs when it is not able to chew properly. In this, symptoms like salivation in the mouth, pain while swallowing, sore throat are seen.

tonsil infection
An infection that occurs in the tonsils is called tonsillitis. Due to viral infection in it, they swell. These include symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, sore throat, sore throat, bad breath or stiffness in the neck.

Disclaimer: The methods and methods mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions. Before following any treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or concerned expert.

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