There was no money to even fill petrol in the car! Luck changed and became the mistress of 2.8 crores

Lottery News in United Kingdom: Nothing can be said when whose fate will change. Something similar has happened with a woman living in Britain (Lottery in Britain). Luck played such a game with him that the woman who did not have the money to fill petrol in the car has become a mistress of Rs 2.8 crore in one stroke. Usually you must have heard many such stories where people become the owner of crores of billions in a jiffy. Something similar happened with a woman from Britain who has named you the entire 3 lakh pounds i.e. about 28 million through lottery in UK.

According to a report published in Britain’s famous newspaper The Mirror, the woman who has won the lottery of 3 lakh pounds is 51 years old and her name is Karin Parkin. Karin lost her job due to illness and old age. She was going through a huge financial crisis for some time. It was also becoming difficult for them to meet their daily expenses. In such a situation, he bought a lottery ticket by saving some money, but he never even dreamed that he would get this ticket. When the lottery results came, she came to know that she has now become a millionaire and she has got a reward of Rs 2.8 crore.

preparing to go on vacation
While talking to The Mirror, Karin Parkin has expressed her happiness on this victory and has told that she is planning to travel abroad with her mother with this money. She will soon go to Cairo and Maldives with her mother. Along with this, she told that she was a news agent and many years ago she had seen a woman winning £5,000 in the lottery. Since then, she was constantly buying lottery tickets only in the hope that one day she would definitely get the lottery. He also told that he could not believe his luck when it first came to know that he would get the full 3 lakh pounds in the reward.

Indian got 55 crore lottery
Recently, the luck of an Indian citizen in Dubai changed when he came to know that he has won the lottery of the entire 25 million dirhams i.e. the entire 55 crore rupees (25 Million Dirhams Lottery). 47-year-old Indian national Sajesh NS has been working as a sales manager in a hotel in Dubai for the past several years. He was trying his luck by buying lottery tickets for the past several years.

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