There will be fear in going to these railway stations of India, see list

Haunted Railway Stations Of India: Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network in the world and the second largest in Asia. There are thousands of railway stations in this railway network. Each of these stations has its own specialty, which is very famous due to that specialty. Some of these are famous for their beauty, some are for dangerous roads, some are very small, some are very big and there are some stations which are very scary. That is, those who are haunted (Haunted Railway Stations India).

Stations where no one is afraid to go after the evening. People often avoid traveling to these stations. It is said that at some stations during the night there is the sound of shouting of spirits. Today we are going to tell you about some such haunted stations. Know their shocking stories.

Barog Railway Station

Barog railway station is located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the scariest railway stations in the country. This railway station on the hill station is very beautiful to see. Seeing the natural beauty here, your day will be made, but the night can be dark, because it is said that ghosts are seen here at night. The ghost story behind this station is told that the Barog tunnel present here was constructed by a British engineer, Colonel Barog. He committed suicide on the side of the tunnel due to some reason. Local residents believe that since then the colonel’s spirit lives in the tunnel.

Chittoor Station

Chittoor railway station in Andhra Pradesh is considered haunted due to its stories. It is said that a CRPF officer named Hari Singh had landed at this station. Here He was attacked by RPF personnel and TTE, in which he was killed. Local people are of the opinion that since then the soul of that officer is wandering there in search of justice.

Naini Station

Naini Railway Station of Uttar Pradesh is located near Naini Jail. Many freedom fighters were tortured in this jail and eventually died. It is said that since then all those souls roam around the station at night.

Ludhiana station

Located in Ludhiana, Punjab, there is a story of a room in the Ludhiana Railway Station, which is haunted. It is said that a reservation counter officer named Subhash had died in that room. It is said that he loved his job so much that even after his death it did not leave his fascination. Whenever someone else wants to sit at that place, his soul does not allow anyone to do so.

Mulund Station

Mulund station located in Mumbai is also one of the few haunted railway stations in the country. People who come here claim that there are often sounds of screaming and crying here after dusk.

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