There will be no EMI and rent tension even after job loss, get job loss insurance cover

Job Loss Insurance: In the last two years, there has been an economic crisis in the country and the world. First the Corona Pandemic and now the Russia-Ukraine War has caused a global job crisis. Crores of people in the whole world including India have lost their jobs during this period. Amidst the looming threat of recession, companies are laying off their workers. In such a situation, in the absence of a job, it is natural to have the tension of house expenses, rent and EMI. In such an environment of uncertainty, you can take a job insurance policy to protect your family. Through this, in case of job loss, you get the benefit of cover by the insurance company.

What is job insurance cover?

Explain that job insurance is similar to life insurance and health insurance. In this, in the event of job loss, the policyholder gets the benefit of insurance cover. It is worth noting that at present, insurance companies in India do not offer a separate job insurance cover. You can take advantage of this insurance cover by paying some separate charges along with General Insurance or Term Insurance. If you lose the job due to the given term and condition of the company, then in such a situation you can get the cover by claiming insurance.

How to get job insurance cover?

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As already told to you that there is no such separate policy in India. You can get it added along with the rest of the term or general insurance policies by paying a separate fee. The thing to note is that you will have to pay a separate amount for this just like the rider cover. Along with this, the term and condition of different companies are different.

These facilities are available in job insurance cover-

1. In the event of the policyholder losing his job, the insurance company gives him financial help for a certain period of time.
2. For some time, you get another income source to run the household expenses.
3. The time and amount is decided by this company. In such a situation, get the term and condition checked thoroughly.
4. If you are removed from the company due to corruption or any wrongdoing, then you will not get the benefit of this insurance cover.
5. Temporary workers do not get the benefit of this insurance cover.

How to claim?

If you have suddenly lost your job, then you should claim the insurance company with all the documents related to your employment. After this the company will verify this entire claim. After this, you will be given this claim only after getting all the things right. Keep in mind that this insurance policy is a temporary relief, but without any income, it can give you relief amidst rising expenses.

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