These 5 tricks related to iPhone battery will be very useful for you, will increase battery life

Apple Iphone Battery Life: Apple does a lot of work on the battery of its iPhone, but as the device gets older, the performance of the battery starts going down. Do you know that there are some tips to improve the battery life of iPhone? If you are also an iPhone user and are looking for ways to improve battery life, then this news is especially for you. By adopting the five simple tips mentioned here, you can also improve the battery life of your old iPhone model.

Do not use the case while charging

Apple has officially advised not to use certain types of cases while charging. Actually, iPhones get a bit hot while charging. Bulky cases can trap heat inside, which in turn can slow down the charging process. It can also affect the battery health and charge-holding capacity of the iPhone.

use battery saver

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Using the built-in Battery Life on iPhone works to improve your battery life. However, note that you may miss some notifications when in battery saver mode.

don’t clear apps

If you have a habit of closing any unused app on your iPhone, then change that habit. When you open an app again. The app uses more energy to open again. In this case, keep all the apps running in the background running.

latest version

It is a myth that software updates reduce battery life. The truth is, always update to the latest software to experience better battery life on iPhone.


According to experts, when your iPhone’s battery reaches 25 percent, then you should start charging your iPhone. Other than that, the battery should only charge up to 85 percent

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