These applications present in the mobile are the enemy of the battery, they discharge the device in no time.

Smartphone Power Pack: At present, the use of mobile phones has increased a lot. This device has become a part of people’s life. Now a person feels incomplete when the mobile is not in hand. The scope of technology is increasing. Now with the latest technology, there is a lot of use of different types of applications in them, due to which the battery of the mobile now ends very quickly. We are going to tell you about those apps, due to which the mobile gets discharged very quickly.

These apps are used the most

Applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn allow additional features such as photos, WiFi, location and microphone to run in the background. Due to which the battery gets discharged quickly due to excessive use of mobile. But you can save the battery from getting discharged quickly by using dark-mode.

These applications are also the enemy of the battery.

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According to a study, excessive use of online dating applications drains your mobile battery quickly. These apps include apps like Tinder, Bumble and Grindr, Top Killer, because of which many background features keep running in these mobiles. Dark-mode is also not available in online dating applications, due to which the mobile battery gets discharged very quickly while using them.

20 apps that drain battery fast

Today the use of mobile is not limited to talking or messaging on the phone, now on mobile from one corner of the world to the other, online payment through video calling, online shopping, online train ticket, online plane ticket etc. Are engaged. Due to which the use of mobile has increased a lot. According to a report, around 100 mobile applications were selected as the most used applications, in which the list of 20 most battery consuming applications was given.

    1. Facebook
    1. whatsapp
    1. youtube
    1. Instagram
    1. amazon
    1. fitbit
    1. Verizon
    1. uber
    1. Skype
    1. airbnb
    1. bigo live
    1. tinder
    1. bumble
    1. snapchat
    1. zoom
    1. Telegram
    1. grinder
    1. Like
    1. linkedin

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