These are the 20 most common passwords… If you have kept something like this, then change it immediately.

Most Common Password: In olden times, people used to use locks and keys to protect the goods kept inside the box from others. Now is the digital age and people use passwords to keep their details safe instead of locks and keys. All of you will also have many accounts whose passwords you must have created according to your convenience. Be it a bank account, social media account, office login or school digital account, people keep passwords to keep them all secure. Some people keep the password in such a way that it is easy to remember and they do not have trouble logging in. For example, some people keep their pet dog’s name as password, some use their city’s name as password, some set 1234 or I love you etc.

Today because every person has many digital accounts, it is difficult for people to remember more than one password and then they keep the same password for multiple accounts. However, it is not wise to do so because hackers easily crack common passwords and then your money or data can be compromised. Mobile security firm Lookout has recently published a report in which List of 20 most common passwords Has been shared. These passwords were leaked in dark.web. Some of these passwords are such that most people still keep them for their digital accounts.

i love you

Create strong password like this

To keep yourself digitally safe, as much as it is important to browse wisely, it is equally important to make the password of the digital account strong. Use alphanumeric to make the password strong. A good password could be, for example, 657@ABP.12LIVE. (Example)

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Hackers find out this password?

Now if you are wondering how hackers find out these passwords, then actually they keep trying these common passwords and steal people’s data when they get it right. Tech joint Google itself has told people many times that never keep the name of your pet dog, child, wife, husband etc. as a password because those who are keeping an eye on you must use this information to break the code. Will do to. If you have kept some such password, then your account will be easily compromised.

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