These people should not drink milk otherwise physical problems may increase

National Milk Day: Especially in India, since childhood, we grow up hearing that there are these benefits of drinking milk, so drinking milk does it. Thymise and nicotinic acid are found in milk along with calcium, vitamins A, K and B12. For this reason it is compared with a complete diet. But when we start reading in detail about the benefits of milk, it is known that where it has advantages, it also has many disadvantages. Today we will talk about this loss. Today we will know that to whom the doctors categorically refuse to drink milk. What is the reason behind this.

jaundice, dysentery

According to the dietician, people who are suffering from jaundice and dysentery should not drink milk even by mistake. This may increase your problem further. Also, there may be swelling in the joints. For those who drink more milk, there is a possibility of swelling in the liver.

fatty liver

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Fatty liver has become common nowadays. People who have this problem should avoid milk. Because such people are not able to digest milk easily. For information, let us tell you that people with fatty liver, taking excessive amounts of protein can cause problems for their body. Due to which ACDT, gas, lethargy, fatigue, weight gain or flatulence may occur.

gas problem

Lactose is present in large quantities in milk. If you drink too much milk, it can also spoil your stomach. Some people start having upset stomach, bloating and gas after drinking milk. According to the dietician, people who have gas problems should avoid drinking milk.

milk allergy
Some people are allergic to lactose found in milk. In such a situation, those people should avoid milk. If you ignore the milk allergy and drink it, then there may be itching on your skin, red rashes and difficulty in breathing, as well as there may be a problem of swelling in the body. That’s why don’t ignore these small problems caused by milk even by mistake, otherwise it can create big problems in the future.

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