These people should not eat pigeon pea, are you also making this mistake?

Arhar Dal Side Effects : It seems dishonest to imagine home food without Arhar Dal. Many people like Arhar Dal. If there is no tur dal in the food plate, then the food seems incomplete. Arhar dal is also beneficial for health because it contains a good amount of protein which takes care of the health of children to elders of the house. But do you know that in some diseases it should not be eaten even by mistake. If Arhar Dal is fed to a patient suffering from these diseases, then its side effects become dangerous.  In such a situation, before eating tur dal, it is important to know whether you are a victim of those diseases and whether this dal is harming you. Come let’s know that people suffering from which disease should avoid Arhar Dal..
Uric Acid
People whose Uric Acid is increased. They should not eat tur dal, because protein is found in high quantity in it. Due to which the uric level becomes uncontrolled. Along with this, there may also be swelling in the hands, feet and joints.
People who have kidney problem, those people should avoid this pulse. Potassium is found in pigeon pea, which increases kidney problems. By consuming it, we may also have to fight against diseases like stone.
People who are suffering from acidity should not eat Arhar Dal at night. Actually, pigeon pea takes time to digest, due to which sour belching, stomach pain, gas starts. Due to which some people also start having headache.

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