These railway stations will be rejuvenated, these companies are showing interest in polishing the stations

New Delhi and Ahmedabad Railway Station Redevelopment: The Central Government is constantly paying attention to the Railway Redevelopment. Railways have made a plan for the rejuvenation of many major railway stations of the country. It also includes the names of two major stations of the country, Delhi and Ahmedabad (New Delhi Ahmedabad Railway Station Redevelopment). Railway has recently put forward the redevelopment plan of both these railway stations. In such a situation, now many companies are showing their interest for the rejuvenation of these two stations. This includes the names of many companies like S&T and L&T, Tata, NCC Limited, GMR Group. New Delhi station, the main railway station of the country’s capital Delhi, is to be redeveloped and given a design in the shape of two domes. In such a situation, companies like Shapoorji and Pallonji, Tata and L&T have shown their interest for the redevelopment of New Delhi station.

RLDA will look into the work of redevelopment of railway stations
Let us tell you that the redevelopment of railway stations is one of the ambitious plans of the Modi government at the Center. In such a situation, the government is paying special attention to the work of these stations. According to media reports, Railways has given the responsibility of regulating the work of these stations to the statutory authority RLDA (Rail Land Development Authority). In this, RLDA will finalize the design inside and outside the stations. Along with this, it is the aim of the Railways that passengers can get world class facilities at both these railway stations. At the same time, along with the redevelopment of the stations, special attention is also being paid by the Railways to generate employment opportunities here.

First bid this month
Railways has taken bids on 7 and 9 November 2022 for the redevelopment of New Delhi railway stations and Ahmedabad railway station redevelopment. This bidding has been organized both online and offline. On this day, along with the officials of RLDA, the officials of the bidding companies have also participated. Bidding companies gave various suggestions and asked questions to RDLA officials. RLDA will answer all these questions in the coming time.

New Delhi is the second busiest station in India.
Significantly, New Delhi station is one of the busiest railway stations in the country. In such a situation, efforts are being made to rejuvenate the New Delhi Railway Station and make it world class. Along with this, commercial property is also being prepared in the railway station, so that economic activity can be increased in the railway station and surrounding areas. Along with this station, a commercial area of ​​9.8 lakh square feet is also being developed.

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