This bank is giving more than 7 percent interest on FD, senior citizens are getting offers

Banks Hike Fixed Deposit Rates : If you are planning to invest in Fixed Deposit, then this news can prove to be useful for you. We are going to tell you about the Fixed Deposit Rates of some banks. In these banks, you are being given an interest of 7 percent on FD.

Senior citizens are getting 7.75 percent interest

IDFC First Bank offers FDs ranging from 7 days to 10 years. Senior citizens get 0.50 percent more interest on these deposits. For fixed deposits maturing in 750 days, banks are giving an interest of 7.25 percent to their customers and 7.75 percent to senior citizens.

RBL Bank is giving 7 percent interest

RBL Bank is giving 7 percent interest to its customers on FDs maturing in 15 months. Senior citizens are being given interest at the rate of 7.50 percent on this period.

This government bank is giving so much interest

The same government bank Union Bank of India has increased interest rates on FDs of less than Rs 2 crore. According to the new increase, Union Bank is giving an interest of 3 to 7 percent on FDs maturing from 7 days to 10 years.

These banks are offering special FD plans

Canara Bank has prepared a Special Fixed Deposit Plan for a tenure of 666 days. Banks are giving interest at the rate of 7 FDs to their general customers. Senior citizens will get interest at the rate of 7.5 FD.

These banks increased interest

State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, IDFC First Bank and RBL Bank in the country (RBL Bank) has recently increased the interest paid to customers on fixed deposits. Whereas IDFC First Bank, RBL Bank, Union Bank of India and Canara Bank are paying interest rates above 7 per cent to customers on certain deposits. Is.

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