This cancer does not give indication in women for 5 years, be careful like this

Cancer Treatment: Due to changing lifestyle, diseases are making their home in the body. Diseases like high blood pressure, sugar, obesity are the result of lifestyle changes. Cancer is also one of such deadly diseases. Once in the body, it becomes lethal. Cancer is one of such diseases.

If cancer is detected at an early stage, it is curable to a great extent. Cancer can be known from its symptoms. People who do routine diagnosis find cancer easily. But what happens then that the cancer does not give symptoms and fails completely in the body. Then what are the precautions and precautions.

Breast Cancer is so dangerous
Millions of women worldwide have died of breast cancer. It can be reduced with a little work. According to the report of the National Cancer Registry Program by the National Center for Disease Informatics and Research, there have been about two lakh cancer related cases in women in 2020. It is estimated to be 2.3 lakh by 2025. Breast cancer is so deadly that it is affecting millions of women every year.

No symptoms for 5 years
Women are more likely to get breast cancer than men. Women are at high risk for this cancer. The serious thing about this cancer is that the symptoms are not known for 5 years. When women get information about breast cancer. When cancer has taken root in other parts of the body as well. This is called the metastatic stage of cancer. At that time the chances of recovery of the patient are very less. Doctors say that women above 40 years of age should undergo routine breast cancer screening.

get checked twice a year
Due to being sensitive to cancer, doctors have advised women that breast cancer screening should be done twice a year. By doing MRI, CT Scan, PET Scan, it is known that there is no change in the breast. One more thing doctors have said that the diagnosis of breast cancer can be seen from the changes taking place in the breast.

Women should stand in front of the mirror and look at their breasts. If changes are visible, see a doctor immediately. Apart from this, if red colored liquid is coming out from the breast, then do not ignore that too.

Disclaimer: The methods and methods mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions. Before following any treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or concerned expert.

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