This couple made a world record by getting tattoos done, if you are also thinking of getting it done then read this news

Tattoo Side Effects: Sometimes hobby turns into passion. Some get wasted in this passion and some become famous all over the world. The couple from Argentina did the same thing. Both got their entire body tattooed. There was no part of the body where tattoo was not made. He has got the Guinness Book of World Records. He is in headlines in the country and the world. You must have also seen many such lovers of getting tattoos done. People get tattoos done on hands, feet and other parts of the body. But do you know that tattooing causes many problems and even fatal diseases. It is very important to be careful while getting a tattoo done. That’s where we are going to tell you today.

cancer, psoriasis
There is a risk of getting skin cancer by getting tattooed. Doctors say that skin cells get irritated while getting tattooed. Because of this, uncontrolled growth starts happening in them. This becomes the cause of cancer. Apart from this, psoriasis is also a serious skin disease. Getting a tattoo can cause this disease.

having HIV, hepatitis
HIV, Hepatitis can be passed from person to person by direct contact with blood. Tattooing has also been a major factor in the occurrence of both diseases. Actually, many times tattoo makers do not change the needle of the machine and if the tattooer is infected with HIV or hepatitis, then other people can get infected with these diseases from that needle.

Could be bacterial infection
Tattooing can sometimes lead to bacterial infection. Some people get swelling in their hands. Apart from this, red rashes can also be seen at the tattooed place. There is a need to see a doctor if the problem increases.

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colors contain toxic substances
Different colors are used to make tattoos. Do you know that many toxic elements are present in them. Cobalt and aluminum in blue ink, mercury sulphide in red ink, other colors also contain deadly elements like lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, titanium. It directly damages the skin.

Keep this in mind while getting tattooed
Tattoo should be done by a trained person only. The machine should be completely sanitized. Do not use the needle or razor again. The places to get tattooed should be cleaned with a sanitizer or antibiotic. The place where tattoos are made. Keep applying antibiotic cream there after consulting a doctor.

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