This diet is a panacea in dengue, consumption leads to quick recovery, weakness will go away

Dengue Diet: Winter season is coming. Dengue patients are being seen with cold-cough fever. The increase in dengue cases in October has raised concerns. According to health experts, even after recovering from dengue, recovery is taking a long time. The problem of weakness and fatigue persists for a long time. The body becomes weak during dengue. Due to the deficiency of many types of micronutrients, it takes time to recover. This is the reason why special care should be taken of the diet after illness. If you want a fast recovery from dengue, then include these things in your diet.

Incorporate liquids into the diet

Fluids are very effective in dengue. Therefore, try that a lot of fluids should be part of your diet. Along with water, the use of decoction, herbal tea and soup enhances your immunity. Fluids go a long way in keeping the body hydrated and maintaining electrolyte balance. Even after treatment with dengue, attention to hydration is needed to increase platelets.

Use of vitamins-antioxidants

During dengue, the micronutrients from the body get reduced significantly. For its fulfillment, things rich in vitamins and antioxidants should be consumed. It is considered best to include green vegetables and seasonal fruits in the diet. Vitamin-A, vitamin-C, antioxidants and fiber are available to the body from fruits like apple, pomegranate and papaya. Their consumption also improves digestion and helps in quick recovery.

Spices are helpful

The spices used in the food are very effective. Spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg are helpful in keeping the body healthy and boosting immunity. Many spices have antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and immune-boosting properties. For recovery from dengue, these spices can be consumed in decoction or food.

Probiotics are helpful

Probiotics can be helpful if you want a faster recovery from dengue. Probiotics are considered a good source of good bacteria. This keeps our digestive system strong and helps in increasing immunity. Health experts say that if your diet is right then there can be a faster recovery from dengue. Therefore, nutritious things should be consumed.

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