This feature of Google is a great tool for the safety of the family

Google Maps: If you are more concerned about the safety of your family members, especially your children. So Google’s new feature can help you in this and you can ensure the safety of your family members online by sitting at home through Google’s Family Link update.

google new feature family link

Recently, Google has given information about its new Family Link new feature. In this update, parents will be able to see the device location of all their children in one map, as well as activate alert notifications when their child visits school or any other special destination. In other words, it can be said that when your child reaches school or any destination or leaves from there, you will get the notification of your child’s movement.

This is how you will get this feature

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If you have updated your mobile then you will get this facility in both location and highlights tab. It will also allow parents to track their child’s app usage or device screen time or other devices by showing a snapshot of recently downloaded apps.

Family Link is also available on desktop

Giving information, the company said that to trace the location of parents and children, you can also use Family Link on the web through desktop. With this, parents will be able to use online facilities if they do not have a phone or do not have an app in their mobile. According to Google, the company is also adding sources from trusts like ConnectSafely, Common Sense Media and Family Online Safety Institute. So that parents can discuss with each other about online safety at home.

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