This Hollywood actor was accused of theft of liquor, the matter reached the court

Ezra Miller Has Pleaded Not Guilty Stealing Liquor: Actor Ezra Miller, who has worked in famous Hollywood films like ‘Fantastic Beast’ and ‘Justice League’, is once again in legal trouble. The actor has been accused of theft of alcohol. It is being said that he has stolen liquor at his neighbor’s house. In this case, the actor has filed a petition in the court in which he has declared himself innocent in this matter.

Ezra Miller accused of alcohol theft:

Actor Ezra Miller, 30, appeared in court on Monday along with his lawyer in a theft, felony and a rape case, where Miller told that he has no relationship with the neighbor nor does he visit their house. In this case, the actor is telling himself innocent. The court has now adjourned the hearing of the case till January 13.

A burglary complaint was filed at the Vermont Police Station in Stamford on May 1, in which they found during the investigation that bottles of liquor were stolen at the home in the absence of the owner of the house. According to the police report, the landlord said that his friendship with Miller is 18 years old. And a year and a half ago he bought a house with Miller in C town. The police had accused Miller of theft of liquor on the basis of CCTV footage and witnesses.

Let us tell you, Ezra was arrested twice earlier this year in Hawaii. He was then arrested for sexually assaulting and assaulting a karaoke bar. Earlier, the parents of 18-year-old American activist Toccata Iron Ice also accused Ezra of sexual abuse at the age of 12. However, Tokata later called these allegations false. Ezra Miller’s lawyer has not yet responded on all these matters. Ezra’s next film, who has appeared in many films, is to be released in June 2023.

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