This Indian expressed grief, was fired from the job only after 2 days of joining in the big layoff of META

Meta Layoffs India 2022: The parent company of the world’s largest social media company Facebook has shown the way out of its 11,000 employees. Meanwhile, an Indian has expressed his pain. This Indian had joined Meta company only two days ago. But as soon as it came to know that he had lost his job, he was disappointed. He has shared this pain on social media, which is going viral with great speed.

what is the full story

Himanshu, a person from India, has shared his ordeal on social media. He wrote that he went to Canada to work in Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. He was fired from his job after 2 days of joining. He became a victim of a huge lay off in the company. Now they are stuck in a dire situation. Came to Canada to do the job and the job was gone within two days. Meta Platform Inc laid off 11,000 employees on Wednesday.

Saddened on LinkedIn

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According to Himanshu’s LinkedIn post, Meta has today fired 11,000 employees in one stroke. Himanshu is also included in this. He has expressed his grief in a LinkedIn post. He wrote, ‘Whoever is facing such a difficult situation at this time, I feel very sad for him. Now what about me? To be honest, I don’t have any ideas. I am waiting for what happens next. If you are aware of any hiring or post for software engineers in Canada or India, please let me know.’ He has worked with brands like Flipkart, GitHub and Adobe.

This is the reason behind layoffs

Meta says that it has decided to lay off to reduce the cost of the company. The increased cost is eating away at the profits and thereby reducing the income.

Elon Musk has also been laid off

Earlier, Elon Musk’s Twitter and Microsoft have fired employees on a large scale. Twitter fired half of its employees last week.

13 percent employees laid off

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta said in a blog post on Wednesday, ‘Today I share with you some of the most difficult decisions in the history of Meta. I have decided to reduce the size of my team by 13 per cent. This will result in loss of jobs for our 11,000 talented employees. The parent company of all three Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is Meta Platforms Inc. Meta employs 87,000 employees before layoffs. The company has fired 13 percent of these employees.

16 weeks basic salary

Zuckerberg said that ‘we are taking additional steps, such as cutting discretionary spending and freezing hiring, to make the company more efficient. The company said that these employees will be given 16 weeks of basic pay with two additional weeks for each year of service. Employees will also get healthcare expenses for six months.

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