This is how actor Ayushmann Khurrana handled the problem of vertigo

Ayushmann On Vertigo: All the actors and actresses look healthy and absolutely fit on the screen, after seeing them, it is felt as if they never have any disease, but it is not so, just like the common people, celebrities also go through many types of diseases. Huh. Recently, Ayushmann Khurrana, one of the most successful actors of BollywoodAyushmann Khurrana) Has made a big disclosure related to his health.

Ayushmann Khurrana recently spoke at a media conclave about suffering from vertigo and how the condition used to worry him while shooting certain sequences for his films. Talking about the action role, he said that 6 years ago I got vertigo, when I was asked to jump from a height in a movie, I felt dizzy. Even today I sometimes have to face the symptoms of Vertigo. Treatment is possible and it is necessary to recover along with medicine.

what is vertigo,

In this problem, the head starts spinning while walking or standing suddenly and there is a problem in maintaining body balance, when the vertigo attack comes, then it seems that the whole world around you is spinning. It comes like a sudden attack and lasts for a few seconds or minutes. However, those who have this problem become serious, they also face problems in their daily work. In medical terms, Vertigo is considered to be a disease caused by a problem in the vestibular system.

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Why does vertigo happen

1.low blood pressure

2.brain disease

3.getting more bed rest

4.head injury



6.ear infection


how do i know i have vertigo



3.motion sickness

4.ear fullness

5.loss of balance

what is the treatment of vertigo

If symptoms of vertigo appear, doctors first recommend a checkup. MRI of the inner ear is done. From this, doctors can find out whether this is the initial stage or whether this problem has increased, accordingly it is cured through medicines. If the patient is having vertigo attack due to ear infection, then doctors recommend taking antibiotics and still if the condition is serious then ear surgery can also be done.

These are the ways to prevent Vertigo

Exports say that patients of vertigo should clean their ears properly, in addition to this problem, sleeping with a pillow under the head, avoiding lifting heavy objects should also avoid jerking the head, improving food lifestyle, yoga and exercise. Vertigo attacks can also be reduced.

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