This is how bread is eaten

As important as food and drink is for the body, equally important is the right time and method of things related to food and drink. If you eat any food item rich in proteins, vitamins and nutrients at such a time. When our body is not in a condition to digest it, it becomes useless in a way. It is necessary to consume food items in the right way and at the right time. So that the body can get nutrition in abundance. In olden times, you must have often seen that people used to be very strict about their food habits. With the changing times, it is not so now. People come anytime from office, school, college etc and eat anything. Very few people know when what to eat and how to eat it.

All of us consume roti with different things. But, do you know what is the right time and way to eat roti? There will probably be very few people who will know about this. Today, through this article, we will tell you what is the right way and time to eat roti.

First of all, understand that whether bread is made of wheat, gram or any other grain, always eat it along with pulses, vegetables, curd, curd etc. to get its full nutrition. Because the zinc present in grains is not absorbed well by eating bread alone.

apply ghee or butter

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Nowadays people eat roti plain to stay slim trim and fit. Earlier people used to eat roti with a lot of ghee. Our body gets good amount of amino acid by applying ghee or butter in roti. The body needs amino acids at the same time when our body synthesizes proteins. Because bread made from wheat has less amino acids. It is completed by eating butter on it, due to which protein and amino acids together make the synthesis good.

cook well

It is also seen that some people cook the roti less on the griddle and roast it on high flame. Due to this the roti remains raw from inside. By consuming such roti, it creates heaviness in the stomach and gets digested late. To cook the roti properly, apply flour before 15 to 20 minutes, then cook the roti properly in a pan on medium gas and then cook it on full flame. This will cook the roti from inside and digest easily.

At what time bread should be eaten

You must have seen that some people eat bread in the morning, some people eat bread during the day and some even late at night. Most Indians include roti in dinner. Nutritionists tell that it is better to eat bread during the day because the fiber present in bread slows down its digestion. When a person eats roti in dinner, digestion continues even during sleep, which is not good for our body. On the other hand, if we eat roti in the afternoon, it gets easily digested by the physical activities of the day.

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