This is how you will get rid of the problem of adult acne/pimple

Acne Treatment: The biggest misconception with pimples and acne is that people think that they are only in young age or teenage. It is believed that after the age of 22-25 the problem of acne ends. Although it is not so. Many people have pimples and acne problems even at the age of 35-40. People are troubled because of acne, because no one wants that there should be any stain or pimple on his soft face. People who do not experience acne in their teens suddenly start seeing breakouts on the skin after the age of 30-35. This is called adult acne.

These acnes are different from the acnes that occur in young age. Nutritionist Dr. Rujuta Diwekar said that usually in teenage people have acne or pimple problem on their forehead-nose, lower cheek, chin and upper lip. Adults have to take more care of themselves to prevent acne breakouts. This usually happens because of hormonal imbalance in the body. Dr. Rujuta Diwekar told that the difference between adolescent and adult acne is that later acne does not leave marks on the body whereas teenage acne leaves dark spots on the body.

causes of adult acne

worsening hormonal balance
too much stress
sun exposure
obesity or cholesterol
Increased sugar is also the cause of adult acne

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Stay away from adult acne in these 4 ways

don’t take too much stress

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar said that to reduce adult acne, first of all, elderly people have to learn to manage stress. That means they have to take less stress. Do not take much stress regarding work and past and live a happy life.

have a good sleep

Good sleep is most important to reduce the problem of acne. This is because all the hormonal activities take place while sleeping. He said that people do not need 8 to 10 hours of sleep. All they need is quality/good sleep in which their mind and body remain calm. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar said that to overcome the problem of acne, people should start sleeping early in the night. In today’s time, the lifestyle of most people has become such that they sleep only after 12 or 1 o’clock in the night. He told that a healthy body reflects good skin. If the skin improves then everything else in the body will automatically improve.

Along with this, he told that hormones like IGF-1, which is the primary growth hormone, controls insulin in our body. This hormone absorbs the nutrients in the body in a better way, due to which the skin remains young.

Excise is necessary

Rujeta Diwekar said that adult people should do weight training. When you do weight training, you build your muscles. Good muscles promote growth hormone in the body, due to which the skin remains good and acne problems do not come. He said that growth hormone is not very active in old people, due to which the problem of acne comes.

Include these things in your diet to keep away the problem of acne

Dr. Diwekar told that we should include dry coconut, banana flower and fresh fruits in our diet. All these help in keeping our skin young.

desiccated coconut

Dried coconut contains essential fats and minerals such as selenium and manganese which maintain insulin in the body. The fat and minerals found in it help in keeping the body fresh and young.

banana flowers

A vegetable is made from banana flower which is called Vadi. This is a traditional dish. Banana flowers increase the progesterone hormone in women. Also balances the testosterone level of men. Rujeta Diwekar said that we must include banana flower in our diet at least once in 2 weeks so that acne problems do not come.

eat fruit instead of drinking juice

Dr. Diwekar said that some people make and consume fresh fruit juice, but this ruins the oral taste of the fruit. He said that when a person chews the fruit and eats it, it is good for his oral health, as well as Vitamin B-C and all antioxidants are easily absorbed by the body. Rujeta Diwekar said that people should consume seasonal fruits. Eating fresh fruits is not only good for digestion but it also reduces inflammation in the body.

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