This is how you will get rid of vomiting during travel

Motion sickness: If you are thinking of going to the mountains on vacation, then you must be worried about vomiting. It is often seen that people in the mountains have the problem of motion sickness. Due to this, they start complaining of vomiting, headache and nausea. On the other hand, it is also seen that the problem of motion sickness is more in big vehicles as compared to small vehicles. Actually, the problem of motion sickness is more in big vehicles because the ventilation in it is not done properly as compared to small vehicles. Due to lack of ventilation, different parts of the body get different signals. Also, our brain is not able to keep pace with the signals occurring in speed, image and sound, due to which things like nervousness, dizziness and vomiting happen.

In small vehicles, because the ventilation is better than in big vehicles, the problem of motion sickness is reduced here. When our brain gets sufficient amount of oxygen then the muscles work properly and the mind remains calm. Let us tell you that eyes and brain have a more important role in vomiting than the stomach.

important role of brain behind vomiting

The fluids present in the inner ear play a huge role in maintaining the balance of our body. When we are traveling or in motion, this fluid continuously sends signals to the brain. The balance of the body is maintained while walking and sitting only on the basis of these signals received by the brain.

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Why does vomiting come

Eyes also send visual signals to our brain. When we are traveling in a bus or car our body jerks and moves erratically. Whereas, during this time our eyes are seeing a static view inside the bus or car. The brain gets confused due to imbalanced signals sent to the brain by the eye and ear fluid and in this situation our brain interprets this message as a poison and sends a message to our vomiting center to vomit.

Then what about those whose ears do not listen

Actually, people who are unable to hear the ear, they rarely face the problem of motion sickness because their brain only receives the signal received from the eyes and there is no imbalance in the signal. Keep in mind that vomiting during the journey is not related to our stomach but to the brain.

How to overcome the problem of motion sickness

Drinking sufficient amount of water and other liquid things keeps the body hydrated and this helps in dealing with motion sickness. Due to dehydration, the problem of motion sickness starts increasing.

Keep a lemon with you while traveling. By licking or smelling lemon, it neutralizes the acid of our stomach, due to which there is no problem of vomiting. The strong and sour scent of lemon provides relief from the symptoms of motion sickness. Lemon is also a good option for people who have problems with the smell of petrol and diesel.

Never eat spicy food before traveling. This is because it takes time to digest spicy food and it can cause nausea during the journey. Therefore, while traveling, eat light food which is easily digestible.

Keep a piece of ginger with you while traveling. Actually, gingerol present in ginger reduces the symptoms of motion sickness, so that there is no vomiting in the journey.

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