This is the reason why steam comes out while exhaling in winter

Steam From Mouth In Winter: The winter season has come, in this season there is dew, fog and don’t know how many changes are seen. There is a dense fog in the sky, sometimes it feels like night even during the day because sunlight also disappears in the bitter cold, with the drop in temperature, smoke starts coming out of people’s mouths. . We or many of you would be such that in our school or childhood, we must be doing this competition that who can exhale more smoke from his mouth. But have you ever wondered why steam starts coming out of the mouth as soon as it gets cold? Where does this steam come from? Whereas in summer it completely disappears. So let us tell you why this process happens after all?

Why does steam come out of the mouth?

We all know that our body consists of 70% water and our lungs are filled with air. The air filled in our lungs is completely in the form of vapor. This happens in the same temperature as our body temperature, cold air cannot hold as much moisture as hot air can. This is the reason why when we exhale in winter, the cold air lowers its temperature very quickly and it immediately reaches the dew point. Because it has reached the dew point, the air present in the lungs becomes water instead of vapor. This process is called Condensation. Because on reaching the dew point, the steam turns into liquid form and it takes the form of very small droplets. These are the droplets that give us what we see as fog smoke, coming out of our mouths. This process happens so quickly that we feel that the vapor of the lungs is coming out. According to science, where the temperature goes below zero or below, the steam coming out of the mouth starts turning into ice.

That’s why steam doesn’t come out in summer

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According to experts, the temperature of the atmosphere becomes high in summer, because of this, when we exhale in summer, it remains in a moist state. Due to which steam does not come out while exhaling from the mouth.

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