This is the right way to make til ladoo, then these parts including bones will have double effect

Til Laddu: In winter, people consume many things to increase the immunity of the body. Sesame laddoos are also one of these. Sesame laddoos are beneficial for everyone from children to the elderly. People make til ladoo by mixing it with jaggery, which makes it even more beneficial. In winter, people like to eat things with hot effect so that they can avoid cold and viral infection. Sesame is also of two types – one black and the other white. Both provide different benefits to health and are helpful in boosting immunity.

Many nutrients are found in both black and white sesame, including protein, calcium, minerals, magnesium, iron, copper, which are beneficial for the body. Ladoos are made by mixing sesame seeds with jaggery. Jaggery contains nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, folic acid which provide many benefits to the body in winter. Know what is the benefit of the body by eating sesame seeds.

white sesame

good for mental health

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Protein, calcium, minerals, magnesium etc. nutrients are found in sesame which is good for mental health. Consumption of sesame does not affect the memory quickly with increasing age.

bones become stronger

Sesame contains minerals like zinc, calcium and phosphorus which strengthen the bones of the body and reduce joint pain.

Cholesterol is less

Sesame contains two substances named Sesamin and Sesamolin which work on cholesterol. BP is also maintained by eating sesame laddoos.

advantages of Black sesame

The problem of piles is removed by eating black sesame laddus.
Protein, calcium is found in abundance in black sesame, which removes the weakness of the body.
Black sesame makes teeth strong.
Heart problems increase due to less blood flow in winter. Apart from giving heat to the body, black sesame keeps the circulation of blood right, which does not cause heart diseases.

This is how to make sesame laddoos in winter

Ingredients required (White Sesame Laddus)

– 1 cup white sesame seeds
– 1/2 cup khoya
Half a cup of jaggery
– a pinch of saffron
-2 tsp canola oil
-2 tbsp full cream milk

To make sesame laddoos, first of all, put oil in a pan and lightly roast white sesame seeds. Now soak saffron in hot milk. Add jaggery to the pan in which sesame seeds were roasted and mix. Keep stirring it till the jaggery reduces to half. After the jaggery melts, add saffron milk to it and mix well. Then add soft khoya and oil and mix well with the help of a spoon. Now apply some oil on your hand and start making laddoos from the prepared mixture.

In the same way, you can also make black sesame laddoos. Both sesame seeds are beneficial for health. Children-elderly, everyone should eat 1 sesame laddu every day in winter. However, if you have any health issues, consult your doctor first.

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