This is what this man felt just before he had a heart attack

Heart Attack Symptoms: ‘Heart attack can also lead to death.’ Everyone knows this thing. But have you ever wondered what kind of movement would happen in the body before or during a heart attack. Stopping of heartbeat is also called heart attack. But this is not completely true. The truth is that when a person has a heart attack, he does not even know whether he is having a heart attack or it is a normal problem.

What happened to this man just before he had a heart attack?

Usually, the victims of heart attack do not even know whether they are really having a heart attack. Most people are completely unaware of the symptoms before a heart attack. It is very important for us to know its symptoms to avoid it. Understand the signs and symptoms of this deadly disease in time so that your life can be saved. What happens when a heart attack occurs? There are many stories of this on social media, but today we have brought the complete incident of a quora user for you. In which he is telling how he felt when he had a heart attack?

Quora user Dave Park told what he felt during a heart attack 5 years ago. Dave Parv tells that in the year 2017, I was cutting the grass in my yard. I had cut the front grass and there was half way left of the yard. In about five minutes I started feeling strangely tired. I started getting breathless and started sweating profusely. I stopped mowing the grass. And thought that somehow I get out of the yard. Stopped for a while and then I restarted the mower and then within a few minutes my pain had increased so much that I became very upset.

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sweating and severe pain

Dave Park says that in a while my sweating and shortness of breath increased even more. It seemed as if some heavy rock was lying on my chest and the same pain started. This pain remained constant. I realized that I also had a terrible pain in the middle of my back, and then it was slowly spreading down the backs of my arms. The pain was moving from right hand to left hand. Due to increasing pain, I fell on the floor, then I called my wife and asked her to take me to the hospital soon. After which the wife immediately took me to the hospital. There I was admitted in the emergency ward. After 45 minutes of all the checkups, I came out of pain.

Dave Park says that after being admitted to the emergency ward of the hospital, I was thoroughly checked up. The next day the doctor told me that my BP had dropped from 185/125 and HR 160+ to BP 150/110 and HR 120+. Many blood tests were done on me. Then my cardiac troponin level was also checked. After which the doctor told me that you came to the hospital at the right time. Then you were saved. Your heart artery was blocked. They decided to reduce my heart beat and blood pressure. For which medication and a nitroglycerin IV were started.

Vasodilator medicine was given for headache

When I came out of pain, I was having strange pain in my head due to vasodilator. Due to the weekend, I was kept in the ICU so that there would be no problem later. Tried to lower my blood pressure. Because the doctor said that if BP is not reduced on time, organ failure can also happen. Nitroglycerin, a vasodilator, two medicines were being given to me so that the BP remains under control and the flow of blood in the heart is done properly. You will be given acetaminophen medicine for headache. I had a headache for two and a half days.

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