This IT sector company warned employees about moonlighting, know what was said in the mail

IBM India Warns Employees Against Moonlighting: Companies in the IT sector have become very cautious regarding moonlighting in the country. Every day some company is issuing warnings to its employees regarding this. This time IBM India has cautioned the employees of its Indian unit for moonlighting. It is being told that IBM has alerted the employees about this by sending an internal mail.

What is Moonlighting?
Let us tell you that moonlighting means when the employee is working for another company while working regularly in one company, and is also taking payment from it.

What did the company say?
A mail has been sent to the employees of IBM India in the name of MD of the company. IBM India MD Sandeep Patel said in a mail sent to employees that moonlighting is against the company’s vision and policies. Apart from this, if any personal activities are such that the interests of the company are affected, then the employees have been cautioned about them.

It was said in the mail that any employee has to leave IBM India before working elsewhere or joining business. On the other hand, if the employee joins a competing company, then it will be more important for him.

Do business after working hours
Sandeep Patel says that the company will encourage employees’ hobbies such as art, dance and music, but if any employee works against the interests of the company in any way, directly or indirectly, then it will be considered a serious violation of the company’s rules. . The employees of the company can run a small business after their working hours.

What was said at the flagship event?
Let us tell you that earlier in September last month, in the company’s flagship event ‘Think 2022’, the MD of IBM India also supported Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji’s talk about moonlighting. Premji expressed his views against double employment i.e. moonlighting and it was called morally wrong.

These companies took action
Before IBM India, IT sector giants Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Wipro, HCL and LTI have also opposed moonlighting. Infosys has also warned its employees about moonlighting. Wipro’s Premji says that he has thrown out about 300 employees working for other IT companies as freelancers.

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