This machine can make your home electricity bill zero, Anand Mahindra also praised

Vertical Wind Turbine in India: In today’s time, every person is facing a lot of problems regarding the electricity bill. A special problem is being seen among the people due to high electricity bills. Now we are going to tell you about such a machine, with the help of which you can completely eliminate the electricity bill of your house. Regarding this, Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has shared a video related to this on his Twitter account. They too have become crazy about it.

Tulip Turbine Machine
Let us tell you that the Tulip Wind Turbine is a special kind of machine, which must have been seen on an empty field or high places. When the air collides with its wings, its fans start spinning very fast. Electricity is produced by the rotation of the fan, and electricity is being produced for very little money. With this you can use the electricity of your home. And can reduce the electricity bill to zero.

Anand Mahindra shared the video

Anand Mahindra has also praised it by sharing the video of this machine on his Twitter. He wrote that I often wondered how stable the huge allocation of land for conventional turbines would be? Every way of generating energy should be welcomed. Tulip turbine is an ideal thing for India. It can be used in both low cost, low space and urban-rural settings.

video is going viral
Let us tell you that in earlier times turbines were used for power generation. Even today they are used in many places. Within about 8 hours of sharing Anand Mahindra’s video, it has got more than 35 lakh views and it has got more than 12 thousand likes.

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