This man had not bathed for 50 years, became the ‘dirtiest man in the world’

Amou Haji of Iran has passed away. He was recognized as the world’s dirtiest man Amou Haji. According to reports, after 60 years, he fell ill after taking a bath. Due to which he died on Sunday, 23 October. Haji lived in the village of Degah in South Iran. According to the report, Haji did not take bath for fear of falling ill. They believed that excessive use of soap and water could make them sick. Recently, many of his photos went viral on social media. In which some people of the village had forced him to bathe together. A few days later, the news of Amau Haji’s death came.

Why Amau Haji was called the world’s dirtiest man

Amau Haji was called a dirty man because he lived alone in a brick hut. Due to not bathing for many years, the color of his skin had turned black due to dirt. To eat, he used to drink rotten meat and dirty water. It has been mentioned in many reports that when Amau was young, he was shocked by something. After which his lifestyle changed completely.

According to a report published in ‘Tehran Times’ in 2014, Haji used to eat animals that died on the roadside instead of eating fresh food. Used to smoke from a pipe filled with animal feces.

Documentary on Amau Haji

Let us inform that in the year 2013, a short documentary film ‘The Strange Life of Amau Haji’ based on the life of Amau Haji was also made. A few months before his death, a report was published that Amou Haji always found an excuse to take a bath. Later he started living without taking a bath. A few months ago, some people of the village had forced him to bathe together. Since then, he started having health problems.

There are many disadvantages of not taking a bath.

bacteria start to accumulate on the body

Both good and bad bacteria are found in our body. In such a situation, if you do not take bath continuously, then the bacteria starts to accumulate on the skin.

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