This medicine is a panacea in the development of the fetus growing in the womb, scientists have started preparations to save it.

Ayurvedic Medicine: Trees and plants are the only medicines in Ayurveda. This method treats the human body by taking things from nature itself. But when the life of the trees growing in the lap of nature comes in danger, then steps need to be taken. This initiative is being taken by Banaras Hindu University (BHU). Plants are being saved by tissue culture method and many cloned plants have been prepared by taking a small part of them. These plants are Putranjiva, Salparni and Prshniparni.

Putranjiva helps in the development of the fetus

Putranjiva plant is considered helpful in preventing miss abortion and in the development of the fetus in Ayurveda. According to media reports, Prof. Kavindra Nath Tiwari, Dr. Jasmeet of the Faculty of Ayurveda and Rajesh San Putranjeeva, Senior Research Fellow, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, are working on giving new life to Salparni and Prishniparni used in Dashmularishta.

Research going on for 5 years

Research is going on for the last 5 years to give new life to plants. Professor of Botany Dept. Kavindra Nath Tiwari told that plants have great importance in the world of Ayurveda. It is very important to save these medicinal plants. Putranjiva (Raxburghi) plant is one of these. The growth of this plant is very slow. This plant is on the verge of extinction. This plant has been grown through tissue culture. After five years of hard work, success has now been achieved.

These plants have been transferred to Ayurveda Garden. Salparni and Prishniparni are very important in Dashmularishta. It is very rare to meet Prishniparni. It took a lot of effort to grow it. If we get its seeds, then we can grow. It has reached this position only due to more use and less plant growing.

cloned plants

Clones of three medicinal plants prepared by tissue culture method were planted in the herbal garden of the department. All the plants have grown. All medicines are full of properties. These plants are very helpful in developing the hormones of women. Help to develop the egg in the uterus.

very useful for health

Putranjeeva has a project going on from CDRI. It has been prepared from Biotechnology. It has been planted near the garden. Salparni and Prishniparni have been prepared with this. The elements found in Putranjiva help a lot in preventing miscarriage and developing the fetus. Its fruits, flowers and leaves work from pre-pregnancy to delivery.

It is mentioned in many texts including Kashyapa Samhita. Salparni and Prshniparni Dashmularist, Dashmool decoction etc. are made. They contain 10 basic elements that work to enhance the immune system as well as heal severe pain, injury and inflammation inside or outside the body. All three of these plants have been grown.

such a success

Rare medicinal plants are being reserved through tissue culture method. First, all the small plants were developed from the necessary minerals and growth hormones by taking the lumpy part of the stem of the plants. Rooting of small plants was done with the help of plant hormones. The purpose of rooting was to get the roots of the plants properly frozen.

Later the plants were kept in pots in lab condition for two-three months. Then placed in the external environment. According to scientists, in general, seeds, adapted environment and space are needed to prepare the plant and its growth is also delayed. Now research is going on on the medicinal properties of Putranjiva plant.

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