This person became the owner of 250 crores in one stroke! Wife did not give information about lottery to children

Lottery News in China: It is said that nothing can be said when whose fate will turn. Something similar has happened in China. The fortunes of a person living in southern China turned upside down when he became the owner of $ 30 million or about Rs 250 crore in a single stroke (Lottery News in China). This person never even dreamed that he would win such a huge amount through lottery. This person was buying lottery tickets for the last several years, but he never got the lottery. But one day this person came to know that he has got a lottery of 219 million yuan i.e. about 250 crore rupees.

The family members were not informed of the victory!
It is a very surprising event for a person to win a lottery of Rs 250 crore in one stroke, but what is even more strange is that this person has not given any information about this victory to his family. This man did not tell his wife and children that he had become a millionaire. This person has given the reason behind doing this that his wife and children will stop working after knowing about such a big lottery. In such a situation, this person thought it right to hide the lottery information from his family.

250 crore owner made in one stroke
A man living in Guanxi Zhuang province, located in the south of China, was fond of buying lottery tickets since childhood. He always used to buy lottery tickets in the hope that one day he would also get a big lottery. This person’s dream came true when he recently came to know that he has won the lottery for the entire 219 million yuan i.e. $ 30 million.

This person had bought a total of 40 lottery tickets. Only one number was registered on all these tickets. It was number 7. In such a situation, his trick worked and he got a big lottery for the entire 250 crores. To hide this fact from his family members, the cartoon character’s getup came to collect his ticket money so that his family members would not recognize him.

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