This person reduced 4 kg in 12 hours, being compared to ‘The Rock’ who was a wrestler

Bodybuilder Deepak NandaFamous bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath do not need any special recognition. Today the whole world knows him. Deepak Nanda of India is following in the footsteps of these body builders. Deepak Nanda also does body building and these days many of his pictures are going viral on social media. For your information, let us tell you that Deepak Nanda is called ‘The Rock’ of India. India’s Deepak Nanda is compared to WWE’s wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’.

Lose 4 kg in 12 hours

A very funny news about Deepak Nanda has come to the fore that Deepak had lost 4 kg in just 12 hours. When he was asked about this time, he told a very interesting story. Deepak told that recently I had a show in Mumbai. Whose name was Amateur Olympia IFBB Pro Show. My weight should have been 89 kg for this show. And at that time my weight was 93 kg. When I told this to my trainer, he immediately came up with an idea.

Deepak further explains that my trainer gave me only rice to eat for a whole day. Other than that nothing. I also asked for water to drink but he said absolutely not. After this trick of the trainer, my weight became 4 kg in just 12 hours.

Deepak wins ‘Amateur Olympia IFBB Pro’ show card

Deepak won the IFBB Pro card by defeating 243 people in the classic category at the International Bodybuilding Show ‘Amateur Olympia IFBB Pro Show’ in Mumbai. Deepak told in an interview to Aaj Tak that before the Amateur Olympia IFBB Pro Show, my weight was 93 kg. But due to my hard work and my trainer, my weight became 89 kg before going to the show. Let us tell you that Deepak is 5 feet, 10 inches long and weighs 93 kg.

India’s ‘The Rock’ once worked at a tea stall

In his interview, Deepak told that childhood has passed in a lot of difficulty. He comes middle class. He used to work at a tea stall and water server after coming from his school when he was in class 8. From which he used to earn 50 rupees a day.

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