This TATA company will help the employees fired from companies like Meta and Twitter, will give jobs

Jaguar Land Rover: Recession in World is being heard all over the world. Many big social media platforms and corporate companies of America have started laying off their employees. Many companies like Twitter, Facebook’s parent company Meta have started laying off their employees. Due to this, the crisis of employment has started arising for the people. In such a situation, the Indian giant Tata has extended a helping hand to the employees of such big companies. Tata Motors has offered jobs to employees fired from Meta and Twitter in its British subsidiary Jaguar Land Rover.

According to the report published in Bloomberg, Jaguar Land Rover is bringing a golden job opportunity for the employees fired from the big tech companies around the world. Now the employees fired from big companies like Twitter, Meta etc. will be given jobs in many different departments. In this, along with engineering service, people working in digital services are also included.

Know how many people to give Tata Motors Jaguar
Let us tell you that Jaguar Land Rover of Tata Motors said that it will give employment to many people working in different sectors. The company has promised that it will currently create around 800 new jobs. In this, it has brought job opportunities for people from many sectors like Data Scientist, Machine Learning, Electrification, Cloud Software, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Driving etc. The company has claimed that it will give jobs to 800 people in many countries like America, Britain, India, China, Hungary, Ireland.

Apple will give bumper job in India
Along with this, job opportunities are going to emerge soon in India as well. iPhone maker Apple has set up its factory near Hosur in Bengaluru, through which it will provide jobs to thousands of people in India. Giving information on this matter, Telecom and IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has told that more than 60 thousand people will get jobs across the country.

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Meta and Twitter laid off thousands of people
Meta Layoffs, the parent company of Twitter and Facebook, has fired thousands of its employees in the recent past. After Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, he fired about 50 percent of his employees. Apart from this, the parent company of Facebook has also announced the layoff of its 11,000 employees. Apart from this, many companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, vegan meat maker Beyond Meat Inc, online banking firm Chime, Phillips 66, Arrival SA have decided to reduce the workforce for cost cutting.

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