Those who give fake documents for SIM and fake identity on WhatsApp, Telegram will be jailed, know

Penalty on Fake Identity for Telecom: Now it is going to be very heavy on those who buy SIM through fake identity and show false identity on WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram. If a person gives fake documents for SIM or shows his false identity on WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram, he will have to pay a jail term of one year or a fine of Rs 50,000.

These rules are in the draft of the telecom bill
On behalf of the Telecom Ministry of the country, the Department of Telecommunication i.e. Department of Telecommunications has proposed these provisions in the draft of the latest Telecommunication Bill. These proposals have been brought so that online financial fraud or other illegal activities can be stopped. Going to the official detail of the bill, there is a provision that every telecom user should know through whom the calls are coming to them.

Steps taken to stop online fraud
In fact, cases of financial frauds by cyber criminals have been coming to the fore in the country for quite some time now, they mostly obtain SIM cards on the basis of forged documents and fake identities to make calls on these over the top (OTT) apps. take over. In the extended note of the Department of Telecom, it is written that with the coming of these laws, cyber frauds through telecom services will be stopped. Therefore, the provision of identifying people at the appropriate place has been included in the bill. Telecom users are required to disclose their identity in sub-section 7 of Section 4 of the Draft Telecom Bill.

Which punishment is mentioned in the draft bill?
If a customer who takes telecom service reveals his false identity, then he can be punished with imprisonment of up to 1 year, fine of 50 thousand rupees or telecom service can be suspended. Or else these three punishments can also be given jointly. It is defined as a cognizable offence, which means that in such cases the police officer can arrest without warrant and initiate investigation without the permission of the court.

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