To get maximum benefit from dry fruits, use them like this, the body will get all the nutrients.

How To Eat Dry Fruits In A Proper Way: We all know how beneficial dry fruits are for health, but there has always been a big question whether they should be eaten soaked or without soaking. People have their own opinion about this, but if we follow expert advice, then eating dry fruits can be taken full advantage of by eating them.

If you want to make your dry fruits rich in more nutrients, then soak them in water for four-five hours or overnight before eating.

Why dry fruits should be soaked

Soaking dry fruits in water germinates them and increases their nutritional content. Their peels have kept many nutrients inside. When dry fruits are soaked, this barrier is removed and nutrients, especially B-vitamins, are well absorbed.

Helps in Digestion

Eating dry fruits like this or in roasted form takes time for them to get digested. Whereas soaking reduces the effect of phytates and they are easily digested. The proteins present in them get digested half before soaking.

Soak dry fruits like this

It should also be kept in mind that before fluffing dry fruits like raisins, figs and apricots, wash them several times with clean water so that the slaphyte used to preserve them gets removed from them. Just like we soak pulses and some cereals first, we should also soak dry fruits so that the phytic acid present in them gets removed.

These damages can happen due to not soaking

  • Due to the phytic acid present in them, they can cause problems in your gastrointestinal tract.
  • Due to not soaking, the nutrients present in them are not absorbed properly in the intestine.
  • Enzyme inhibitors present in them can cause problems in digestion.
  • Soaking them not only enhances the taste of dry fruits but also increases their nutritional value.
  • Do not forget to wash them with clean water before eating.

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